False Divides, Bridget Williams Books, September 2018



From where I stand, my eye will send a light to you in the North (review), un Extended

Paradise Paradise: The Island Myth, Island Island, Bus Projects

Walking Back Into the Future: Indigenous Futurisms, New Media and Contemporary Assertions of Indigeneity, dɪˈvan | A Journal of Accounts Issue 4, pp 130–137

Beyond Essentialism: Contemporary Moana Art from Aotearoa New Zealand, Afterall 46, pp 108–115

Categorising Contemporary Moana Art Practice, Return Flight Exhibition Catalogue, Going Down Swinging, pp 31–33

Unrecognised Little Gifts: Neighbourhood in the Work of Edith Amituanai, In T. MacKinnon (Ed.), Keep on Kimi Ora (pp. 16-19). Hastings: Hastings City Art Gallery.

Digital Launima, Vea Mafile’o (review) un Extended

A Stocktake, Exhibition Essay for PACIFIC NOTION: 20 Years On, Whitespace Contemporary Art

So, You Want to be the “Largest Polynesian City in the World”?, The Pantograph Punch

Graphic Matters, Looking Back: BackStory the Journal of New Zealand Art, Media & Design History, Design Assembly

Critical Infrastructures, The Pantograph Punch

Baby Mama Drama: What you need to know about the term ‘baby mama’, The Spinoff

Graphic Matters Column: Broadsheet, New Zealand’s Feminist Magazine Goes Digital, Design Assembly

As true as they can be, exhibition essay for Do They Need a Name, Salome Tanuvasa, Tim Melville Gallery


Sexier in Print: GLORIA and hard press, The Pantograph Punch

The Moral Argument: A Review of ‘Jealous Saboteurs’, The Pantograph Punch

Essay, Say Something! Jacqueline Fahey, (Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu: Christchurch), pp 32

‘An Undeniable Promise’, Bulletin 190  (online and in print)

‘The Western Imagining’, Aotearotica 4, pp 7-12

‘5 New Zealand artists that you need to know about’, HOME Magazine, Autumn  

On which the sun never sets: interview with Tina Baum: Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial at the National Gallery of Australia’, Broadsheet Journal 46.2, pp 14-19

Graphic Matters Column: Cultural Relevance in the Digital Age: Emotiki, Design Assembly

How New Zealand’s Millennial Artists are Confronting Generational Stigma, GARAGE Magazine, VICE

Bananarama (Janet Lilo Feature), Paperboy Issue 14 September 2017, p. 26-31

Campaigns of Hope: Considering Quest and I Am Not Your Negro, The Pantograph Punch

Graphic Matters Column: The Reorientation of Objectspace: In Conversation with Kim Paton, Design Assembly

The Artist as Technician: Considering China’s Van Gogh and Art and Craft

Aotearoa Design Thinking Series: Wearing Dissent: The Politics of the T Shirt, Design Assembly

The ‘D’ Word: In Conversation with Alice Canton, The Pantograph Punch

Empowering Bright-eyes: A Review of #keeponkimiora, The Pantograph Punch

“Let Beryl and I sort it out”: On Len Lye and Friendships, The Pantograph Punch

Welcoming Internationality: In Conversation with Artspace’s Incoming and Outgoing Directors, The Pantograph Punch

In my house now (on FAFSWAG’s VICE documentary), Paperboy Issue 11 May 2017, p. 20-25

Aotearoa Design Thinking Series: Beyond the Frangipani: Pacific Designers on Pacific Design, Design Assembly 

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Curatorial Edition, The Pantograph Punch

Graphic Matters Column: Challenge to the Industry: 5 Things Worth Sharing from DA Conversations, Design Assembly

Reimagining the Matriarchy: One GIF at a Time, Runway #33 Power

Aotearoa Design Thinking Series: Turning the Pages, Design Assembly

Waking Giants: The Politics of Existing, The Pantograph Punch

Graphic Matters Column: A Nation in Drawing: An Homage to Footrot Flats, Design Assembly

An Homage, a Beacon: On Michael Parekowhai’s ‘The Lighthouse’, The Pantograph Punch

Exhibition Essay for Yuki Kihara’s Der Papālagi (The White Man) at ST PAUL St Gallery

Graphic Matters Column: It’s time to catch up: Issues of diversity and representation, Design Assembly

Caught in the thirst trap: White gaze on black bodies, The Pantograph Punch 


Allyship, not ownership: on good curatorship, and being tauiwi, The Pantograph Punch

Mere pockets of aspiration: A review of Potentially Yours, The Coming Community, The Pantograph Punch

State of Play: A Review of Johnson Witehira’s ‘Half-blood’, The Pantograph Punch

Two perspectives on ‘New Perspectives’, The Pantograph Punch

Design by (dis)location, Catalogue essay for Beauty is in the street exhibition at Objectspace

Scepticism and Community: Considering Howick’s Malcolm Smith Gallery, The Pantograph Punch 

Church and State: ‘Janet Lilo: Status Update’ the Publication, The Pantograph Punch

Young Mums, the Arts Ecology and ‘Being Radical’, The Pantograph Punch 

Safety in Numbers: Poly Twitter and carving out digital space, The Pantograph Punch

My DNA results are in. I’m whiter than the milkman., E-Tangata

The Changing of the Seas: Notes from the Pacific Arts Association Symposium, The Pantograph Punch

Is my identity in my DNA?, E-Tangata

Reinstating the smoko, Un Magazine Issue 10.1, p. 52-58

East Goes West, Art New Zealand Issue 157, p. 85-87

Fomenting and Formation: How Tanu Gago took over the Pah Homestead, The Pantograph Punch

The Engagement Exercise, The Pantograph Punch


Body Language with Louisa Afoa, Enjoy Occasional Journal

Critical Response to TEZA: Who is it for?, TEZA

Review of These stories began before we arrived at Te Tuhi Offsite, Hashtag500words

Dinner Party Politics, Hashtag500words

Exhibition Text for Darcell Apelu, Make Me at Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga

Ray Haydon, 20/20, (Sanderson Art Gallery: Auckland), p. 53-59

Fish Eye’s by Lonnie Hutchinson, Circuit

When Discourse is only about Discourse, Review of Since 1984: He aha te ahurea-rua? at St Paul St Gallery, EyeContact

Foreword, Free For All, (Hashtag500words: Auckland), p. 5-7

Decolonisation Frameworks: Indigenous Curatorial Practice, Runway # 27 Outside

Review of Martin Langdon and Jonathan Jones at Papakura, EyeContact

From Oakland to Auckland exhibition essay for Emory Douglas, Mangere Arts Centre Ngā Tohu o Uenuku

Cultural Insecurity, Their world was anything but tiny, (Tautai Contemporary Pacific Art Trust: Auckland), p. 12-13


The Back-Patting Society: Letter from the editor, Hashtag500words

Review of Poly Typical at Fresh Gallery Otara, Hashtag500words 

Review of Making Visible at Franklin Arts Centre, Hashtag500words

Commentary on Offstage6 at The Plantation, Tautai Quarterly Newsletter December 2014

Two Tongan Contemporary Art Publications, review of the Tonga’I Onooponi: Tonga Contemporary and Tauhi Va catalogues, EyeContact 

Fresh’s Local Exotic review of The Suburban Floral Association with Janet Lilo’s The Floral Show Local Exotic Curated by Ariane Craig-Smith at Fresh Gallery Otara, EyeContact


#firstworldproblems: POST TERTIARY DEPRESSION, Tautai Artspace Writing Programme 2013 Publication

Closer to home at St Paul St Gallery, Tautai Quarterly Newsletter

Hit me with your best shot a show by Janet Lilo at The Physics Room, Circuit

The Lab as a part of the 5th Auckland Triennial at The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Hashtag500words

Model Home by Michael Lin at The Auckland Art Gallery, Hashtag500words

Response to Right of way a show by Janet Lilo at Artspace, Hashtag500words 

Review of The Factory by Kila Kokonut Krew at Q Theatre, Hashtag500words 

Review of Foreigners Everywhere by Claire Fontein at The Auckland Art Gallery, Hashtag500words 


Commentary on HomeAKL at The Auckland Art Gallery, Tautai Quarterly Newsletter


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