Lana Lopesi is Assistant Professor in the department of Indigenous Race and Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon. 

She is the author of False Divides (2018: BWB) and Bloody Woman (2021: BWB). Lana is co-editor of Towards a Grammar of Race: In Aotearoa New Zealand (2022: BWB) and Pacific Spaces: Translations and Transmutations (2022: Berghahn Books).

Lana was a 2021 Writer in Residence at the Michael King Writers Centre. Lana also served as a judge for the Best Writing by a NZ Māori or Pacific Islander category for the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand awards (2018) and the Illustrated Non-Fiction Award for the Ockham NZ Book Awards (2020). In 2022, she co-founded Flying Fetu with Grace Iwashita-Taylor an organisation committed to uplifting the work of Moana writers.

Currently Lana is Editor-in-Chief for the Creative New Zealand Pacific Art Legacy Project, a digital-first Pacific art history told from the perspective of the artists. Lana is also co-editor of the Marinade: Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art. Previously Lana was at The Pantograph Punch as the Editor-in-Chief (2017–2019) and Interim Director (2021), and now is co-chair of Pantograph Punch’s board. Before that, she was Founding Editor of #500words (2012–2017) and Editor of Design Assembly (2018).

Lana received her PhD in 2021 from the Auckland University of Technology. The thesis titled Moana Cosmopolitan Imaginaries: Toward an Emerging Theory of Moana Art, was completed under the supervision of Leali’ifano Albert Refiti, Layne Waerea and Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul. This research received a 2021 DCT Māori & Pacific Excellence Award from the faculty and was funded by the Vā Moana / Pacific Spaces research cluster – an international research platform engaging Pacific and Western thought to investigate Vā Moana or Pacific Spaces. Lana is currently as Associate Researcher for the cluster

Previously Lana was part of a global Indigenous Curatorium who first formed to curate the exhibition The Commute at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (2018) with subsequent projects including Layover at Artspace Auckland (2019) followed by Transits and Returns at Vancouver Art Gallery (2019).