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A’oga Hutt

      A’oga Hutt, Common Ground Arts Festival, Lower Hutt, Wellington, March 2015 In her work A’oga Hutt artist Lana Lopesi encourages people to connect with the Pacific community in Lower Hutt. Through talanoa (conversation) and sharing knowledge, A’oga Hutt hopes to share Pacific culture in an open and inclusive way. The Pacific history in New Zealand is […]

Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall, Offstage6, The Plantation, 2014 Fly on the wall, 2014, tablecloths Around a table – whether it be a dining table, desk or coffee –  sharing occurs, through eating, drinking or simply having a chat. The household object of the table is a hub of conversation. As each conversation passes through the […]

Yours Truly

When Great Grandpa Pete passed away, I inherited his collection of Samoan stamps. He was an avid stamp collector who like many collectors came to fetishise these objects. This collection is in many ways an heirloom of personal histories, for myself, my family and the people who once used the stamps. Retracing of Grandpa Pete’s […]

Just Add Water

Just Add Water was exhibition at Awkward Feelings curated by Natasha Matila-Smith and Talia Smith at George Fraser Gallery in May 2014.

Backyard Gesture

  This installation was exhibited at Backyard Gesture curated by Salome Tanuvasa, Natasha Matila-Smith and Talia Smith at Bizdojo in April 2014.

Seize the Time at Artstation

    Seize the time is a community based project interested in the cross section of pedagogy and history focusing on Pacific youth and the absence of knowledge surrounding Pacific peoples history in New Zealand. It is attempting to fill the prevalent gaps of their own history from the 50s to the 80s, through posters, […]