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Localise is a temporary newspaper publication that will be produced for the Whau Arts Festival 2015, a weekend festival of music, visual art, theatre and performance that will take place in Avondale in October. The newspaper — run by Ioana Gordon-Smith (Curator) and Lana Lopesi (Writer and Designer) — will be published daily from Thursday 15 […]

in situ

in situ is an exhibition I organised with Elisabeth Alani at Lake House Arts November 2014. Artists are Salome Tanuvasa, Elisabeth Alani and myself. Through language we have an innate ability to transcend culture, age and class. The everyday encountering of language through conversation, enables us to understand each other. Types of language even among […]


This campaign ran along side #IslandTime and was another way of getting Pacific time based practices out to different audiences. These were posted in various places across South Auckland, photo’s are courtesy of Phantom.  


#ISLANDTIME is an attempt to break down the gap between Pacific time based art a Pacific audience. Island time is often a comedic phrase used to define the alternate time zone Pacific people live (meaning we’re always late), however in this instance #ISLANDTIME defines the current wave of Pacific timebased practices. In the past year […]

One Night Stand

Many types of art just be. They exist and life happens around it. Performance how ever requires an immediate engagement with an audience, it’s existence is temporary. Dan’s organic srdnsnd involved the artist meeting a Grindr date for a drink at Verona with the intention of hooking up. Srdnsnd explored the resulting sexual tension. There […]