Localise is a temporary newspaper publication that will be produced for the Whau Arts Festival 2015, a weekend festival of music, visual art, theatre and performance that will take place in Avondale in October.

The newspaper — run by Ioana Gordon-Smith (Curator) and Lana Lopesi (Writer and Designer) — will be published daily from Thursday 15 – Monday 19 October, with 250 copies available for free each morning.  Each issue tackles the subject of community art, exploring how art, and even the newspaper itself, can meaningfully engage with local residents. The publication consists of a range of segments, inspired by traditional newspaper content, that  focus on the people and events of the Whau area. These include: reviews of the previous days’ art events, an overview of events coming up, a feature article about different approaches and understandings of community art, profiles of local people and organisations, short interviews with people on the street, and short essays on heritage features of the whau suburbs.

Localise is made in partnership with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery and Whau The People.