Marinade: Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art

Marinade: Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art is a new arts journal co-edited by Ioana Gordon-Smith and Lana Lopesi. Marinade marks the overdue need for more writing on Pacific art, becoming the first Aotearoa journal focused explicitly on Moana arts from Aotearoa. It aims to capture the wealth of not only Pacific art, but the discussions that have followed and driven Pacific arts in Aotearoa over the past few decades. With texts written by leading scholars, artists and extraordinary new talent, Marinade offers a critical resource for all enthusiasts of Moana art.

Marinade’s first issue focuses of the theme of writing and includes contributions by Daniel Michael Satele, Fulimalo Pereira, Ioana Gordon-Smith, Lagi-Maama Academy & Consultancy, Lana Lopesi, Leone Samu Tui, Louisa Afoa, Ngahuia Harrison, Sean Mallon, Stephanie Oberg, Peter Brunt, Raymond Sagapolutele, Talei Tuʻinukuafe and Teresia Teaiwa. Supporting the co-editors is an advisory board that includes Peter Brunt, Andrea Low, Seutaʻafili Patrick Thomsen, and Luisa Keteiya Tora. 

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