Seki 27.08.2016 – 1.10.2016


Taking viral recipe videos from the Facebook page ‘Tasty’ as a starting point, ‘Seki’ reflects on the Internet as a powerful and potent form of the archive that has potential for democracy and diversity.

For this project at The Physics Room library, Lana Lopesi has reworked a format used to circulate Western (or Westernised) recipes, incorporating Indigenous knowledge types from Samoan culture. ‘Seki’ includes an e-publication and two ‘Tasty’ style videos.

‘Seki’ is the fourth of six interrelated projects taking place in The Physics Room library in 2016. This series explores language, communication and distribution, responding to the library as social and political mechanism and a catalyst for certain networks and knowledge economies.

Seki_installation view_2016

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