Work Song 「工作之歌」14.05.2016 – 12.06.2016


Work Song 「工作之歌」

Lana Lopesi  拉娜·羅培茲

Treasure Hill, Upper Ray Gallery No.11 寶藏巖,上光巷11號展間

14.5.2016 – 12.6.2016

Work Song is a solo exhibition by Lana Lopesi of new work made in Taipei.

Through a western understanding of the world, Asia and the Pacific are often siphoned into two disparate groups. However contemporary Asia and Pacific cultures reveal significant similarities.

Historically, movement across the Pacific Ocean through Taiwan has been proven through shared DNA, but is also evident in tattooing practices and shared indigenous imagery. The most obvious evidence of a non-imperial Asia Pacific relationship is a shared staple diet including taro and coconut.

The dispersal of food groups not only happened during Austronesian settlement of the Pacific Islands but also later in the 19th Century through multiple movements of indentured labour. Chinese, Japanese and Indian communities were recruited to work in plantations such as sugar, copra, cacao, coconut, and taro in the countries of Samoa, Fiji and Hawaii. Long term settlement of these labour forces completely changed staple diets across the Pacific once again.

Through new work Lopesi is exploring how the plantation can be a canon of both indigenous knowledge and cultural influence. 





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